How To Report A Hulu Phishing Email

Hulu has nearly 50 million users as of December 30, 2023. With its growing popularity, scammers are targeting Hulu subscribers with phishing emails.

The scam usually goes like this: you get an email that looks like it's from Hulu, saying your membership has expired but can be renewed for free. The email asks you to open a sketchy attachment or click on a link to provide personal info. If you open the attachment, it could install harmful software on your device, letting scammers steal your info without you knowing.

If you click the link, you'll be taken to a fake Hulu site where you're asked to enter personal info that scammers will snatch up. But remember, Hulu will never ask for payment or private account info through social media, email, text, or phone.

So, if you get an email that seems fishy, be cautious and report it to Hulu. They'll take action to keep you and other users safe.

Report Phishing Emails to Hulu

You may be wondering why you are receiving Hulu phishing emails. Well, you should note that these emails are not actually sent from Hulu. Scammers often use lookalike email addresses, such as, in an attempt to deceive you. These imposters pretend to be representatives from Hulu in order to steal your personal information. If you receive any of these emails, report them immediately to Hulu's support team.

If you come across a suspicious email claiming to be from Hulu:
  • You can easily report it to their team. Just shoot an email over to
  • If you have any privacy concerns, reach out to And for any legal matters, shoot an email to
  • Another option is to send a Tweet to @hulu_support. Their team is available to help you out from 5 AM to 10 PM PT on X (formerly Twitter). Just head over to the @hulu_support account on a web browser or the X app. Click on Post to start a new tweet, type in your message, and hit Tweet to send it off.
a screenshot of Hulu support page on Twitter

Just keep in mind that your post might be visible to other X users. You can also report an email purporting to be from Hulu to your email provider as a phishing attempt. For example, if you use Gmail, you can report any questionable emails to Google as phishing. Google may take action by suspending the scammer's account if multiple reports are received, or by redirecting any emails from the scammer to your spam folder.

If you receive an email claiming to be from Hulu that contains links and attachments, exercise extreme caution. Do not click on any links or download any attachments from these emails. If you have already clicked on a link or opened an attachment, or if you have shared personal information, report it to the FTC at immediately. If you believe your identity is in jeopardy, file a complaint at without delay. Your vigilance is crucial in protecting yourself from potential scams and fraud.

Latest Hulu Phishing Email Scams

Hulu sends emails like any other reputable company, and rest assured, they are always legitimate. Unfortunately, Hulu users have become frequent targets of phishing scams in recent years. If you receive any suspicious emails claiming to be from Hulu, verify the sender's address before clicking on any links or providing any personal information. 

The most common email format used by Hulu employees is [first].[last] (e.g., accounting for 93.9% of all Hulu work email addresses. With this in mind, below are the most recent phishing emails that have been circulating and targeting Hulu users.

#1. "Your membership has expired" scams

an example of a fake Hulu email

This email was sent from a Gmail account, which is a clear indicator that it is not from Hulu. Hulu emails always come from, not Additionally, the email starts with a generic salutation: "Dear Customer." A legitimate email from Hulu would address you by your name. Furthermore, the message instructs you to input your credit card information after signing up and assures you that they will not charge you. This is a definite red flag for a scam. If you receive an email like this, do not click on any links or respond. You should either delete or report it immediately.

#2. "There is a problem with your Hulu payment" Scams

an example of a fake Hulu email

Beware of a highly convincing fraudulent email currently circulating among Hulu users. The email falsely claims that there is an issue with your Hulu payment that could not be processed, resulting in the cancellation of your subscription. However, the email says you should rest assured that you can easily reactivate your subscription at any time. 

The email includes a link for you to follow in order to reactivate your Hulu account. Do not click on this reactivation link, as it is a scam. Clicking on the link will redirect you to a counterfeit Hulu website where you will be prompted to enter your login credentials and update your payment information. By doing so, cybercriminals will obtain the necessary information to defraud you.

#3. "Account verification" scams

an example of a fake Hulu email

If you receive an email purporting to be from Hulu requesting you to click on a link to verify your account, please refrain from clicking on any of the links provided within the email. Hulu has confirmed that this is a phishing attempt.

#4. "Hulu refund confirmation" scams

an example of a fake Hulu email

If you are anticipating a refund from Hulu, please exercise caution if you receive an email prompting you to verify your identity through a provided link. Scammers are impersonating Hulu by sending fraudulent emails, falsely claiming that in order to receive a refund, you must visit a website such as "SubscriberRefund[.]com" or call a specified number to disclose financial information. However, this website is not affiliated with the official Hulu platform, as the domain of the web address does not end in – a clear indication of a potential scam.

These con artists will request sensitive personal information if you follow the instructions outlined in the email. Remember, Hulu will refund your account directly without the need for you to provide any personal information or dial any phone numbers.
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