Top 5 Netflix Phishing Scams To Watch Out For

Netflix is a frequent target for online scammers and fraudsters looking to deceive unsuspecting consumers. This type of fraudulent activity is known as phishing, a form of online scam that involves sending emails that appear to be from reputable sources, such as internet service providers. Phishing scammers often impersonate well-known companies in the financial technology, banking, software, and online streaming industries. Their ultimate goal is to obtain access to your financial information.

You may be wondering why scammers would use a popular streaming service like Netflix to carry out their schemes. The answer lies in the fact that Netflix boasts millions of users, making it a prime target for cybercriminals. These scammers will send out emails that mimic official communications from Netflix, with the intention of tricking recipients into clicking on malicious links. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting Netflix subscribers have fallen victim to these scams.

Fortunately, you have come across this article, which will equip you with the knowledge to avoid falling prey to Netflix phishing scams in the future.

1. Watch out for the Netflix rewards and free subscriptions scam

In February 2024, a 71-year-old war veteran experienced a devastating loss of $18,000 due to falling victim to an elaborate Netflix scam. According to 9News Australia, Shane Arnold was deceived into believing he was eligible for a refund after receiving a fraudulent email claiming to be from Netflix. Tragically, after providing his personal banking information, the scammer was able to exploit Arnold further by posing as a security officer from Commonwealth Bank during a subsequent phone call.

Cybercriminals are utilizing a deceptive tactic in which they direct individuals to a counterfeit Netflix survey page under the guise of offering exclusive rewards or complimentary Netflix subscriptions. This fraudulent scheme is disseminated through email, social media, and text messages, with scammers employing various strategies to establish trust and coax individuals into divulging their personal information.

In some instances, victims are prompted to share the survey with their acquaintances in order to "unlock" additional rewards, thereby perpetuating the scam. Therefore, if you happen to receive an email purportedly from Netflix that guarantees rewards or free subscriptions, it is imperative to recognize that it is fraudulent and did not originate from Netflix.

Exercise caution and refrain from opening such emails. In the event that you do open them, avoid complying with any instructions provided therein.

2. Watch out for the Netflix text message scam

A fake Netflix text message

In August 2022, a resident of Longmont, Colorado issued a cautionary alert after narrowly avoiding falling victim to a text scam involving Netflix. Amber Torres, as reported by Denver7, received a text message claiming that Netflix was unable to process her payment. The message included a link prompting her to re-enter her payment information, but Torres sensed that something was amiss.

This particular type of scam is known as smishing, a variation of phishing where scammers use text messages to lure individuals into clicking on malicious links. You should note that in order to receive account access or recovery texts from Netflix, you must first opt in. If you have not done so, any texts purporting to be from Netflix are fraudulent.

a fake Netflix login page

It is crucial to remember that Netflix will never request personal information via text message. This includes sensitive details such as credit or debit card numbers, bank account information, and Netflix passwords. Additionally, Netflix will never solicit payment through a third-party vendor or website.

If a text message contains a URL that appears unfamiliar, refrain from tapping or clicking on it. If you have already done so, avoid entering any information on the website that opens.

3. Watch out for the Netflix account suspension scam

Fake Netflix emails
Fake Netflix emails

This email is a common phishing scam in which scammers impersonate Netflix and claim that your account has been suspended. The message typically mentions an issue with your billing information and provides a link for you to validate or renew your account. Some scammers may even add a personal touch by saying something like, "We're sorry or sad to see you go."

However, the link provided in the email actually leads to a fake Netflix website that is designed to steal your personal information or money. These phishing emails are crafted to closely resemble legitimate Netflix communications, making it easy for unsuspecting Netflix users to fall victim to the scam.

You should once again note that Netflix will never ask for personal or financial information via email or text, including passwords and bank account details. If you receive an email requesting this information, it is likely a phishing attempt. Be cautious and avoid clicking on any suspicious links or providing any sensitive information.

4. Watch out for the unusual Netflix login attempt scam

As a security measure, Netflix monitors account activity to ensure the safety and security of its users. If Netflix detects any unusual login attempts or persistent access from an unfamiliar device or location, a notification will be sent to the primary account owner for verification. Unfortunately, scammers have exploited this security measure to target unsuspecting users.

For instance, you may receive an email notification regarding an unauthorized login attempt or suspicious account activity. These fraudulent emails aim to deceive users into providing personal information under false pretenses. It is crucial to exercise caution when receiving such emails.

If you receive a suspicious email, ensure that any links provided redirect you to the official Netflix website ( Do not provide any personal information unless you are certain of the legitimacy of the request.

5. Watch out for the Netflix fake job scam

Recently, there has been a surge in online and social media advertisements promoting fake Netflix tagger positions. The role of a Netflix Tagger, which gained popularity in 2015, involved categorizing Netflix content based on user preferences. Although the position is now commonly referred to as a taxonomy strategist, scammers continue to exploit job seekers by using the former title.

These scammers entice unsuspecting individuals with promises of easy and lucrative employment opportunities. They often claim that no prior experience or resume is necessary and emphasize that spots are limited, urging applicants to act quickly. Once lured in, job seekers are directed to a fake website where they are asked to provide personal information such as contact details, Social Security Numbers, and financial account information.

In some cases, scammers may request payment for background checks, training materials, or software under the guise of preparing individuals for the job.

How can you tell if a Netflix email is fake?

In order to safeguard yourself against the increasingly sophisticated phishing scam emails that claim to be from Netflix, you need to be aware of the following:

Netflix never requests sensitive personal information, such as credit or debit card numbers, bank account details, or passwords, through texts or emails. Authentic communications from Netflix will never instruct users to make payments via third-party vendors like PayPal. 

You should only make payments through the official Netflix website ( or app to ensure secure transactions. Netflix does not generate pop-ups or new tabs that may appear intrusive or suspicious. All interactions are intended to occur within the main Netflix website or app.

Bogus emails often utilize urgent or threatening language to coerce you into immediate action. A common tactic is to assert that an offer is limited or exclusive, pressuring you to act quickly or risk missing out. 

Netflix will never address you with generic terms like "dear" or "customer" in any SMS, email, or other form of communication. Lastly, Netflix will never ask you to open an attachment or install anything on your device.


Netflix will never request personal information through text or email. If you receive a suspicious link asking for your bank account details or Netflix password, it is likely a phishing scam. Please refrain from disclosing any private data to unknown sources.

If you receive a suspicious text message or email, it is recommended that you forward them to In the event that you have already clicked on a link or shared personal information, it is important to change your Netflix password to a new, strong, and unique one. Additionally, it is advisable to update your password on any other websites or apps where you have used the same email and password combination.

If you have entered any payment information, it is essential to contact your financial institution as it may have been compromised. Furthermore, if you encounter a website or app that is pretending to be Netflix or Netflix Customer Service, please send a copy of the link to
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